How ADHD Affected Me: Part 2

Note: If you haven’t read my previous blog, please do. This one will make more sense.

College was a whole new animal. For the first time in my life I had to do everything on my own. Many realizations occurred to me in a very short time period.

My biggest realization was that I was much more anti-social than I had originally thought. At first, I went out with my roommates and explored the city, but a combination of computer games and my roommates’ choice of activities led me to stay in my room more and more.

On the academic side, I did much better with my grades in college than in high school, but I hadn’t really changed my study habits. I did better because the work came easy to me, so I did all my work in class. The problem with that was, the classes didn’t force me to develop better study habits, so I didn’t. I’d even venture to say that I might have regressed a little. Despite my poor study habits, I ended my college career with Honors.

After graduating, I planned on going back home and continuing my education even further; however, I received an offer from a large company that I just couldn’t refuse. The offer was amazing, but I took it as an opportunity to see what I could accomplish in the world. The job required me to move to the other side of the country, which isolated me from any influences I was used to. I didn’t have any friends or family nearby, so I had to be my own pioneer. The only thing I knew was my career.

As it turns out, my career was exactly what my ADHD needed. It changed just enough to keep me interested but not overwhelmed, yet it challenged me in ways that kept my mind in shape. I could think of a couple of other jobs within this career field that would have probably fit me better in the long run, but this one was perfect for where I was in my life.

Well, that’s all for now. It looks like I’ll be turning this into a three-part blog. I thought I could fit it all in with just two posts, but that won’t be the case. In my next post, I’ll pick up where I left off and bring you to my present life.

See you then!


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