Trials: Part 2

I wanted to compose a part 2 to fill you guys in on my views about how the medication has affected Ryan. He used to be tired all the time, and therefore, somewhat withdrawn. The medication has definitely given him more energy, which makes him seem more present and interactive. His memory seems to have improved since taking the medications. He’s now able to retrieve information that was not readily available before. Prior the medication, if something was forgotten, its chances of being retrieved were slim to none. Now that’s almost reversed completely!

On the downside, it’s lessened his appetite. Ryan was never a big eater before, so to take his appetite down even more makes me nervous. He has to force himself to eat sometimes, and I worry that he’s not eating enough some days. Also, the drug is addictive. Ryan doesn’t have a history of addiction, but I still worry about that. One of my biggest issues with the drug is that I don’t see a clear plan of how he’s going to improve enough to get off of the meds. I don’t want him to be dependent on medication for the rest of his life, but I also don’t want him to have to live with the negative symptoms of ADHD. I haven’t heard of any real steps to be taken to better his memory skills or other cognitive issues. I feel like the cognitive exercises aren’t helpful to him, because he’s always excelled at tests and has no problem learning patterns, schemes, and scenarios.

With all that being said, I still say there’s nothing wrong with my husband. He has a setback that he deserves treatment so he can have an easier life, but with or without ADHD, he’s still the most amazing husband and father in the world.

Thanks for letting me post a couple of entries to give my side of the story. Please continue following my husband’s blog – he’ll surprise you with his thoughts and revelations!


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