Trying Something New

Calendar Card
Calendar Card (Photo credit: Joe Lanman)

I’ve found another way to try to curb my ADHD symptoms. Its super simple, almost too simple. I was surfing Google Reader tonight, when I came across an article at lifehacker about a productivity improvement exercise. I’m going to attempt to start it within the week. Hopefully it will help me accomplish more goals in my life.

If you’ve read the article (go ahead, click the link. I’ll wait.), here’s my list:

  • Read 90 Days With Jesus – One Chapter
  • Read Valley of Mystery – One Chapter
  • Clean – Do One Chore
  • Exercise – Push-ups (5!) & Sit-ups (5!); Run (One Mile); Stretching (10 Stretches)
  • Write Novel – Write 1 Page; Revise 3 Pages; Plan 1-3 Chapters

Keep in mind that those are minimums. The first week, I’ll probably do just the least, but I hope to improve the numbers regularly.

I believe this will work because I have a fondness for games. Turning these tasks into a game will make them much more appealing. I’ll think, “Yay, I get to add another X!” instead of, “I could do those tasks, or I could play some more [insert game].”

I know it’s a short post, but I was struck with a spark of inspiration. Plus, I need to keep up with my writing as much as possible if I’m going to make my novel a reality.

Thank you all for your support. I’ll keep you posted and hopefully make you proud!



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