ADHD Gem I Found While Blog-Panning

For all you ADHD fans, here’s an interesting blog I just ran across.

Poof7797's Blog

Well, in my quest – and it is a quest –  to read this ADHD book I mentioned a while back, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve made a step in the right direction with my son. It may seem simple or even stupid to some people, but this step has made a remarkable difference in all four kids, not just the two with ADHD. What is this wondrous miracle step, you ask? Breakfast!

Yes, breakfast. Until last month, I was fine with the kids scarfing down a bowl of cereal before they raced out the door only to then eat the free breakfast offered at the school, usually something laced with sugar that I wouldn’t make at home. I figured as long as they were eating something, they were okay. I can’t believe after all the self-education I’ve had about nutrition that I deluded myself into believing this. I…

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