Go Big or Go Crazy

Rock Climbing in Dali
Rock Climbing in Dali (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello friends. I pretty much failed my last task of starting a chain of healthier and more productive habits. Sometimes I feel like my uphill battle with ADHD is more of a cliff. But there is hope! How does one conquer a cliff? By training and working out and practicing. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve found a new “hobby” that I hope will stick. Not only will it add health benefits, but also a commitment that I can’t really back down from. On the downside, most of my hobbies start out with this same excitement and focus, only to burn out in a couple of weeks. Part of my new “hobby” is that it’s in 12 weeks, which will help me fight my urge to quit early. It also requires a lot of dedication and training. So what is it? I’m going to race in  my first Sprint Triathlon!

I never thought I could even come close to finishing a triathlon, since I’m not a long-distance runner. I honestly don’t even know what changed my mind enough to even think about trying it. I saw a post on facebook about a triathlon meeting, so I decided that I’d poke around the internet and see what it’s all about. After doing some research, I found out that it’s not as bad as I thought. It just takes dedication, discipline and commitment.

I hope this is the one that I stay with. I feel really good about it, and really refreshed after just a couple days of training. I have to do this. For me and for my family. Otherwise I’ll drive us all crazy with yet another unfinished project.



One thought on “Go Big or Go Crazy”

  1. Thank you Ryan and Eva for this blog. It’s been very insightful. I loved reading the parts from an outside perspective!


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