Dear Atlas

You’re almost here, and I’m almost crazy with anticipation. As much as I like being patient with most things, I think you’ve made me wait long enough. Grandpa and Grandma are here to see you, but they’re leaving next Friday. They want to see you and play with you before they leave, so you should hurry up and get here.

I’ve heard that babies tend to develop better if they’re in there a little past full term, but you have a pretty good head start.

For one, your mom is incredible! She’s super funny. She’s also the most beautiful woman you’ll ever see. Don’t think that’s all she has, though. She’s really smart, so don’t try to get away with anything. The best thing to do is always tell her the truth. You can’t out-debate her. Believe me, I’ve tried.

And your sister is a genius, too! She’s already reading and doing math way above her level. Get ready, though, because you may have to endure a few tea parties and dress-ups. She has a super big heart, so prepare for lots of love! You have to be careful, though, because that big heart of hers is also very sensitive. Give her lots of love and protect her when we can’t.

Outside the home, we live in a nice neighborhood with lots of kids for you to play with. We even have a race track right next to an airport! It’s a small town, with a little lake right down the road. We’ll take you there for swimming, tennis and the awesome playground!

I know you’re super comfortable and get “womb service” (that’s what your sister calls it), but there’s a lot out here to see and experience. Sure, it gets cold and hot and rainy, but that’s what helps makes this world beautiful! You’re gonna get bumps and bruises, too, but that’s all part of growing up and becoming You.

You haven’t heard “Love” yet, at least not outside the womb, but there’s a lot out here for you. You and Mom have had a long time to bond, so come out and let me have some time with you. I’m a little jealous. I want to add all my love to what Mom has already given you. I already know you’re worth it.

I Love You,


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