Personal Challenge #1: Short Stories (Day 2)

Yesterday’s story was so much fun that I almost wrote another one at bedtime! I hope these stories turn out to be as entertaining as they are fun to write.

Also, I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I’m not going to change the prompts unless I’ve already seen it. That way, I can’t just cycle through them until I get one that fits my thinking or makes it easier. The point of this is to help me focus and expand my creativity beyond what’s “easy”.

If you want to try something like this, you can get the Writing Challenge app here.

Let’s see what today’s prompts are:

Screenshot_2014-09-16-07-41-32[1] Screenshot_2014-09-16-07-41-42[1]

“What are you laughing at?” Tom asked.

Shelly giggled and pointed at the drawer her dad had just installed, “It’s upside down, Dad.”

“Oh!” he exclaimed, “Silly me. I’ll just fix that right quick.” He pulled out the drawer, flipped it over, and re-installed it.

“Are we going to Granny’s house today? It’s a beautiful day! Look at how happy the animals and trees are!” she pointed out the kitchen window.

Tom stood up and evaluated the cabinet, “We don’t have time to stop by today. I have to get to the bakery to help your uncle with the order for the banquet.”

Shelly mumbled to her doll, “We never have time to visit Granny anymore.”

He heard the conversation and knelt down beside her, “I’m so sorry. I want to walk with you through the trees and play in the meadows, but I have to work to make sure we have food to eat. This banquet is going to help us a lot. I shouldn’t have to work any extra hours for at least a couple weeks. I might even get a day off! I promise that we’ll go visit Granny soon. I love you, Shelly.”

A doubtful smile broke her frown, “I love you, too, Daddy. I just miss going over there every day like we used to.”

“I know, dear. Tomorrow, I’ll make sure that we visit her, no matter how late it is,” he hugged her tight, “Make sure you help Mom weed the garden today. I think we have more weeds than vegetables.”

“Yes, sir,” she finished combing her doll’s hair, then left the room to get ready for the day.

The sadness in his daughter’s eyes sent a wave of guilt through his veins. He grabbed a silver piece to buy her a some chocolate after work and headed down the road toward town.

If only his life were as simple as it used to be. He decided that, from this day forward, he was going to find a way to take those walks with his daughter. He was going to laugh and play more.

The plan didn’t go as expected, though. Just then, a strange man stepped out onto the path.

“Hello, good sir,” the man smiled a yellow, crooked smile, “I was wondering if you could help me out.”

“I’m sorry, but I must hurry. I have to open the bakery–”

“Yes, yes. Everyone is always in a hurry when it comes to helping others. It’s a simple request that will take no time at all,” the man’s smile widened.

Tom felt his fear growing, but fought to hide it, “What is it?”

“I’m in a bit of a tough spot. I only have a few pennies, but my family needs food. Do you have any to spare?”

“No, I don’t. I work at the bakery, so I don’t take money to buy my lunch.”

The man’s smile faded as he pulled out a knife, “Surely you can find a spare coin or two in your pockets.”

Tom’s eyes widened at the sight of the metal blade, “I-I don’t have any money. Honest.”

“Honesty,” the man spat, “It gets you nowhere. I watched you put something in your apron just before you left home. What was it?”

Tom’s resolve was failing. He tried to think of something mundane, “It…it’s just a l-lucky trinket my d-daughter gave me. It has no value and means nothing to anyone except her and me.”

“Liar! If it was of no value, you wouldn’t be fumbling with your words. This has already taken too long. I’ve got an appointment and you’re making me late.”

“Okay, here. Take it!” Tom wrestled the coin out of his apron and tossed it to the man.

The robber gazed at the coin, “Thank you, kind sir. But where there’s silver, there must be gold.” His eyes flashed with a wild hunger.

Tom didn’t have time to react before a flash of light disappeared into his stomach. The knife drove deep, sending a blinding pain through his body. His eyes went wide as his life was stolen from him. He had so many questions, but only one thought stayed with him as he left the world: I told her I loved her.


Let me know what you think!

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