Writing a Book in One Month, and Other Updates

Hello Again,

I have taken upon myself a monumental task.

About a month ago, my daughter said, “I wish someone would do that for me,” in regards to her brother getting a personalized book for his birthday. I thought it was just a bit of sibling jealousy, and it probably was. She’s most likely forgotten about it, but I haven’t. It stung when she said it.

So I’ve decided that I want to write her a book. Most books take many months, if not years, to complete. I like to plan ahead and get all the little details just right, but I don’t really have time to do that, since her birthday is in October. My wife said to just start writing. I don’t think I can be that disorganized, but I’ll definitely have to tone down my perfectionism. I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish this goal, unless I really buckle down and focus.

Therein lies the problem.

Even now, I’ve been “writing” to you for over an hour. I keep getting distracted by trivial things. Do you have any tips that could help me not only accomplish my goal, but also focus in general?

In other news: I have to be honest. I stopped writing for a dumb reason. I lost my USB Flash drive—or, rather, it was stolen. I left if in the computer at work, and it disappeared by the time I got back. The problem is, I had a nice spreadsheet for all my goals. I lost about four months of data, and with that, my motivation. I could have just picked up from there and continued on, but I didn’t want to. I know, it’s a lame excuse.

I figure I’ll just start again next year and keep better track of my USB. I’ll give you a general overview of my goals and where I stand on them, though.


  • Grow closer to God (immeasurable) (0%)
  • Have a conversation with my grandma in Spanish. (0%)
  • Write a letter a month to family/friends. (10%)
  • Read at least 15 novels (70k+ words each), or 1,050,000 words total. (125%, including audio books)
  • Publish at least 30 blog posts. (10%)
  • Write at least three chapters of my novel. (0%)


  • Outline my entire novel. (10%)
  • Record blog posts in audio format. (0%)

Well, that was a humbling experience. Especially the first and second ones. I knew I was doing really well with reading, but I didn’t realize that I’ve done so little on all the others. I know that writing the book for Talon will complete two of the goals, so that will feel good. I still need to write many more blog posts and letters.

Sadly, I don’t know if I’ll get to have that conversation with my grandmother. I just got back from visiting her, and she’s not doing too well. I did make sure to hug her and sit with her as long as possible, but I failed to learn enough Spanish to talk with her.

God is always in the back of my mind. Some might say that that’s better than Him not being there at all, but I personally think that it’s one of the worst places for Him:

So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” -Revelation 3:16

So, what’s new with you? You haven’t heard from me in a while, and I had a lot to say. I’m anxious to know what’s been going on in your life.

Let Me Know,



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