My Wild

I was looking through some old emails the other day when I found this little gem from 2010. I was trying to expand my imagination by making something new out of real-life events. Much like a child does with “The Floor is Lava” or when a cardboard box becomes a house, spaceship, car, etc.

I’m not going to set forth any expectations, as I didn’t intend to publish it, so read it with a grain of salt…or a cup of tea. Yeah, tea is way more appetizing.

Day 1

Mood: Ready

I found solid ground to set up my shelter. After setting it up, I gathered some food and made dinner. I only ate vegetation for dinner. Tomorrow I will try to get some meat. I set up my shelter for both supplies and living. It’s small, but it will work. I look forward to tomorrow, hoping it will bring fair weather and good fortune.

Day 2

Mood: Tired

I didn’t sleep well last night, but I did wake up well rested. My “bed” isn’t nearly as comfortable as my bed back home. I added some more padding today, hoping it will help some. As for food, I was very fortunate. I found vegetation as well as meat. There is a good chance I will be able to get more supplies tomorrow. I found a spot that I can gather things to help out around camp. It’s not too far from here, so I’ll check it out again if time and weather permit. Good night, Friend.

Day 3

Mood: Nonchalant

No significant events. I couldn’t make it to the “supply spot” today. I’ll try again tomorrow. Today, I just went through the motions. Until tomorrow…

Day 4

Mood: Excited.

I finally made it to the “supply spot” today. I added some padding to my bed. I might have the equivalent of a basic mattress by the end of the month at this rate. I also gathered some food and enjoyed a small, but tasty, meal. Everything seems to be setting up nicely around camp. I’ll have to relax and take it all in, one day. As for now, I must continue the never-ending task of maintaining camp. I think I’ll focus on clearing the area in the morning.

Day 5

Mood: Tired

I didn’t do as much clearing as I had hoped. I’ll add that to tomorrow’s to-do list. I ate a decent breakfast and started my day with a good attitude. It’s amazing what a good attitude can do to someone’s day. I didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary, yet I feel extremely tired. Perhaps it’s unbalanced nutrition? I’ll test that theory after I get more settled and a good routine.

Day 6

Mood: Happy

Hello, Friend. I finally got the area cleared into what might resemble a small camp. Tomorrow is an exciting day. It’s Sunday, the Day of the Lord! It’s also the day of rest. With all the work I’ve been doing, I’ve almost forgotten what rest is. I’ll start out the day with God, thanking Him for helping me through all this. I saw a small “animal” today. I tried to befriend it, but it refused. That made me realize how alone I really am out here. Maybe it’ll change its mind and come back for a visit some day. It’s okay, though, because I have the Lord. He will keep me company during these hard times. He is the Great Comforter. With that thought in mind, I shall call it a night. Good night, Friend. God Bless.

Day 7

Mood: Accomplished

I got a good meal today and plenty of rest. The most important event, though, was the time I got to spend with God. I feel so distant from the world and so connected to Him out here. I feel like this is His playground, like we’ve exiled Him from our busy lives and this is where He waits for us to discover what He really is. Just looking at the trees and animals has amazed me way more than any physics book ever did. Sure, physics has laws, but out here God has reality. Truth.

Day 8

Mood: Enthusiastic

It’s officially the beginning of Week 2! Will it be exciting, scary, enlightening or just another set of days? Only God knows, and I will trust in Him to guide me to the resources I need both physically and spiritually. I’m going to start looking for things to do to keep me entertained. I know entertainment sounds like a big task to take on, but the monotonous work day in and day out takes its toll. I need something to take my mind off of it. Maybe I’ll make something. Good night.

Day 9

Mood: Happy

I woke up late, but still got everything done. It felt good to sleep in, but I need to reserve sleeping in for rare occasions. I can’t afford to waste days out here. Daylight is the only time I have to gather and survive. If I waste a day, it could be the difference between a good meal and days without food.

Day 10

Mood: Mellow

Today was eventful, but I didn’t really accomplish much. I tried to start a project, but quickly found out that I needed more tools. Now I’ll focus my attention on making tools instead of making the project. One thing at a time I guess. I’m going to call it an early night tonight due to a sore back.

Day 11

Mood: Ready

I got an early start on the day thanks to the early bed time last night. I accomplished a lot more than usual, so that was good. It started out as a sunny day, but the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up around mid-day. I was still able to stay cheerful despite the gloomy weather. It’s currently raining, but the shelter I built seems to be solid enough to keep the weather out.

Day 12

Mood: Content

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today. Just the same routines.

Day 13

Mood: Accomplished

I got a lot of cleaning done around camp and found some extra time to spend with God. It’s not Sunday, but who says we only have to talk to Him on Sunday? Not Me!

Day 14

Mood: Relaxed

Sunday, the day of rest, is my favorite day. It’s a day that I get to rest and spend time with God. It also marks the beginning of a new week full of new opportunities and choices that could make or break my time out here.

Day 15

Mood: Mellow

Back to the routines. I accomplished a lot today, but nothing new or exciting. I still haven’t found anything entertaining to occupy my time. I have a feeling that something is coming up, though. Hopefully it will keep me occupied until I leave. Speaking of which, I haven’t decided when I want to leave yet. Perhaps Day 100?

Day 16

Mood: Enlightened

God has been moving in my life. There haven’t been any miracles or huge revelations, but I can feel Him. The changes are deep within. My mind, soul and spirit are starting to open up to Him and move as He directs me to. God is so amazing!

Day 17

Mood: Accomplished

I got a LOT done today. I’m going to bed later than usual, but it was worth it. I’ll have much less to do tomorrow and the days that follow. It’s such a relief. Time for some hard-earned rest after this long, but productive day. Good night, Friend.

Day 18

Mood: Excited

I started my project today! I’m not going to say what it is, because I want to make sure I can finish it before I get your hopes up. I think I’ll reveal it when I decide to leave. It’s a long project, but it should be well worth it. It’s life-changing. Sleep well.

Day 19

Mood: Studious

For some reason, I felt like a sponge for knowledge today. I wanted to learn as much as possible. Like I said, I have no idea where it came from, but I like it! I’m going to try to hold onto it as long as possible.

Day 20

Mood: Calm

Everything seems to be in its place right now. Perhaps it’s the calm before the storm. Regardless of what it is, I will enjoy it and be joyful as long as it’s here. If there is a storm coming, I will be ready. God will guide me and carry me through it.

Day 21

Mood: Peaceful

Three weeks have passed, and I’m still going strong. God is working in my life and all is well.

Day 22

Mood: Tired

Today was a very long day. I just need to get some rest. Good night.

Day 23

Mood: Accomplished

It was another day of getting a lot done. Once a stable source of food, water and supplies is established, living is not nearly as bad as one might think. Of course, a good routine helps as well. Well, I’m tired and it’s getting late, so I think I’ll turn in for the night.

Day 24

Mood: Bored

The routines are getting monotonous. Each day seems longer and longer. Each day brings me closer to wanting to leave. I thought 100 days was a good goal, but now 50 days sounds like a gold medal. I need to find something to do.

Day 25

Mood: Annoyed

I think I’m coming down with something. Maybe it’s just allergies. Whatever it is, it’s annoying. It’s not enough to stop me from my work, but it is interfering with my efficiency. I’m going to try to find something that might help. Maybe just some rest. Yeah, rest sounds good.

Day 26

Mood: Amazed

I’m feeling much better today. I woke up feeling worse, but, as the day progressed, my sickness seemed to melt away. I’m pretty sure it was all God. On a side note, I’ve noticed a slight change in my life since the beginning of my project. I knew the change was coming, but not this soon. My perception of things is definitely changing!

Day 27

Mood: Lazy

Another lazy day. I woke up later than usual and didn’t get much done. I made a good lunch, which I haven’t done in a while. It was a treat that I didn’t realize I had missed. Tomorrow is my favorite day! I can’t wait to see what God has planned.

Day 28

Mood: Suspicious

Today was an awesome day at first. I started it with an amazing time with God, then entertained myself with a few games. However, I think I might have an intruder. I’ll keep an eye out for more signs.

Day 29

Mood: Happy

I noticed that life can be a great challenge, but can also bring great gifts. There are many lives I would like to live, but every time I feel like I can’t handle this one, God reminds me of just how special this one is.

Day 30

Mood: Excited

It’s been a month! More good days keep coming, which is boosting my morale. Sure, I’ve had rough times, but God has always delivered.

Day 31

Mood: Amazed

I’m really amazed at how well the project is coming along. I’m learning so much from it. I can’t wait to finish. It’s coming together better than I ever expected, but I can’t forget who is allowing all of it to happen. He’s in charge, and He’s doing an outstanding job! He truly is The Great I Am.

Day 32

Mood: Tired

I’m too tired to write much. Just the usual routine today.

Day 33

Mood: Inspired

The project is finally done. I’m still in shock at how quickly it came together. On another note, I think I’ll be leaving soon. I think I’ve learned all that God has brought me here to learn.



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